About the Journal

"JADLET was created as a professional journal for the purpose of sharing knowledge and scientific research findings about technology-enhanced learning. JADLET will provide insights into the current state-of-the-art in education and training through the use of echnology and help to foster collaboration within the global ADL community.
To be most effective in today's environment, collaboration must occur at both a national and international level with participation from government, industry, and academia. Through its published articles, JADLET will allow ADL professionals from various nations, with common interests, to share ideas in support of the cooperative, worldwide development of ADL capabilities."

(Dr. Kristy S. MurrayDirector, Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, USA)

JOURNAL OF ADVANCED DISTRIBUTED LEARNING TECHNOLOGY aims to make a significant contribution to the exchange of information on advanced distributed learning topics, to enhance knowledge sharing processes and stimulate progress of technology enhanced learning scientific research. The articles published in this journal will provide insights on the current state-of-art and the emerging trends in multidisciplinary environments that involve universities, companies, civil society and institutions. Through these articles, the journal promotes the development and the implementation of the Advanced Distributed Learning principles for learning in Romania and abroad.
JADLET covers four major interest areas, but is not limited to:

  1. Standards and Interoperability
  2. Technology Enhanced Learning
  3. Quality and Efficiency
  4. Market and Innovations

The JOURNAL OF ADVANCED DISTRIBUTED LEARNING TECHNOLOGY includes articles, interviews and/or reviews, and is published four times a year. The executive summary of each article, keywords, and full text are available in English. Along with the articles, you can also find information about the authors.